Clothing, along with food and shelter, is considered a basic human survival need. As of May 2017, the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority polls the Los Angeles county homeless population at 57,794 people with 42,828 of them being unsheltered. Of that total, the city of Los Angeles has an unprecedented 25,237 unsheltered homeless residents, receiving the title “The Homeless Capital” of the United States.

Despite last year's many successful City Hall efforts to provide shelter for 14,000 people, the homeless rate jumped 23% just this year. This proves that the rate in which people are becoming homeless remains alarmingly high and continues to overwhelm the public services which are already being offered.

It's time that we, the citizens of Los Angeles, do more by participating in whatever method we can to contribute solutions to our city's epidemic. Studies suggest that if a person cannot afford shelter, they are in desperate need of clothing as well.

Dress A Med, a worldwide global uniform scrubs company, which has called Downtown Los Angeles its home since 1980, is committing to helping dress the Los Angeles homeless population.

Dress A Med has partnered with the Los Angeles Mission, who have served the Los Angeles homeless population since 1936, to launch: “Give Back, Get Back”. It's a scrub buy-back program that will provide uniform scrubs to the homeless and to medical and science professionals in the immediate area!

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • You donate your used scrubs of ANY brand to the Dress A Med flagship retail location at 1031-1/2 S. Los Angeles Street
  • Dress A Med will shuttle your used scrubs to the Los Angeles Mission who will distribute them to the homeless
  • You will get a $2 voucher for each item you bring, up to $8 per visit, to use towards new scrubs

 An extremely enthusiastic Herb Smith, President of the Los Angeles Mission, explains, "The byword today is repurpose and we will do just that by using these as pajamas every night for our guests and making some available for personal use afterwards.”

The need for Gifts In Kind, especially in the form of clothing, is astronomical due to guest leaving with the provided pajamas and clothing for various reasons including cleanliness and some guest' resistance to change. Smith encourages small businesses to get involved with the efforts against homelessness by being supportive of local service providers and providing gifts in kind like paper goods with old corporate logos, and more.

To the citizens of Los Angeles, Smith recommends them to "make contact with those who reside in your neighborhood by just saying hello. Build relationships of trust where you can help them transition to housing with the help of agencies like LAM or our regional CES system.”

Join Dress A Med and the Los Angeles Mission in our partnership to dress the homeless and simultaneously earn vouchers towards your next Dress A Med purchase. You'll be able to earn up to $8 in credit toward visit, which is a pretty big chunk out of our already trendy, economically-minded and comfortable uniform scrubs.

Dress A Med accepts uniform scrubs donations every day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at our Dress A Med flagship location at 1031- 1/2 S. Los Angeles Street in the heart of the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District.

Dress A Med only asks that you bring in scrubs that have been laundered and don't have any rips or tears. Dress A Med and the LA Mission will be running the “Give Back, Get Back” program indefinitely, so feel free to bring in your scrubs as many times as you'd like.

Be a part of the solution that will help our city's homeless population. Love To Care with Dress A Med!