By Josephine Reid

Working in nursing has become infamous for being one of the toughest jobs on one's feet. Long hours and fast walking call for shoes that can support, provide comfort and fit facility regulations. According to, there are more options than you may think.

According to Sun0408, “Danskos and they are comfortable but you have to get used to them and not everyone can wear them. I love that my heel never really touches. No rubbing. I also like they are 2.5 inches taller and I'm short. I have been through so many different brands over the years and regular tennis shoes last about 6 months. Money thrown away. Danskos will last a long time. Timberline has a brand that everyone is raving about, they were comfortable and gave lots of toe room but they were tight on my heels.”


Roser13, ASN says, “The BEST are the ones that work for YOU! Seriously, you have to figure this out on your own because everyone has such different issues. For years, I swore by Birkenstock and couldn't have worked at the bedside without them. Then one of my arches collapsed and I could no longer wear ANY Birkenstock. That's when I discovered Dansko and now I swear that I couldn't be a nurse without Dansko."

lilcajunnurse claims that, “I love wearing Crocs, but, you have to get the closed top ones (just in case, never know what might come flying down at ya shoes). Also, I wear Rocker brand shoes— the most comfortable shoes I ever wore!”

“I wear Cherokee Rockers Lights. The BEST, in my opinion. Besides being comfortable and light, the insoles can be removed, and the shoes tossed in the washer. I wear white and wash them in the washer w/ bleach almost daily. I think I have some of the cleanest, whitest nursing shoes in existence, lol. Co-workers frequently ask me how I keep my shoes so white. “-HelllloNurse

“I wear good old Sketchers, I have them in white and black.” -txspadequeen RN, BSN, RN

“White Nike Shox for me. Leather = easy cleanup. Wipe them down with a Clorox with bleach whip for easily removed stuff like coffee, juice etc. And a damp cloth with Soft Scrub w/bleach every week. And I toss them in the washer (yup, the washer) every week.” says CT Pixie, BSN, RN

Any nurse agrees that pairing comfort along with his or her uniform scrubs is a must.

I'm Josephine Reid and I work at headquarters in Los Angeles. I have a B.S. in Retail Merchandising and Business from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I like to keep a beautiful balance of a creativity and business mindset.