7 Need To Know: Inspiring Black Women In Medicine

7 Need To Know: Inspiring Black Women In Medicine

By Josephine Reid

For Black Women's Equal Pay Day on July 31st, Dress A Med partners with Leanin.org and other businesses across the nation to offer 37% discounts to commensurate with the pay gap for Black women and highlight the inequality of earning significantly lower. On July 31st, use the checkout code: 0731 to save 37% all day long.

To commemorate this event, here's a list of inspiring African American females dominating various sectors in medicine. 

Dr. Jackie Walters

Jacqueline Walters, also known as Dr. Jackie, doctor to stars like Toni Braxton, T.I., and Usher is a board-certified OBGYN that lives by the philosophy “work hard, play hard.” After graduating medical school at University of Mississippi, Jacqueline completed her residency at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Jackie started the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation that treats the inner and outer beauty of Breast Cancer Warriors. Her most recent contributions on women's health can be found in Essence and Glamour Magazine. Dr. Jackie does a phenomenal job balancing her family while furthering her OBGYN practice and family life.

11 Dunwoody Park #100, 
Atlanta, GA 30338
Monday-Friday 8 am - 4 pm, Closed Weekends
Phone: (770) 730-0451
Instagram: @TheRealDrJackie
Twitter: @DrJackieWalters 
Facebook: DrJackieWalters

Dr. Foyekemi Ikyaator

Dr. Foyekemi Ikyaator, better known as Dr. Foye, is an emergency room physician and medical director of Life Savers Emergency Room in Houston. Life Savers Emergency Room is a standalone emergency room that is separate from the hospital. Dr. Foye asserts that this room can provide the same ER care more efficiently with its onsite laboratory, radiology equipment, and pharmacy. Standing in line for labs to get processed or waiting hours to be seen by a doctor is not necessary. Dr. Foye is a Nigerian native that graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health on a full academic scholarship.

17685 Tomball Parkway
Houston, TX 77064
Open 24 Hours
Phone: (832) 604-6291
Instagram: @dr.foyekemi

Dr. Terri Kincade

At a young age, Dr. Terri Kincade made up her mind that she would one day become a “baby doctor.” With young aspirations, Dr. Terri did in fact become a Neonatologist. Not only has she enjoyed an illustrious career in medicine since the completion of her bachelors at Prairie View A&M University, Medical and Public Health Degrees at UCLA, and Residency and Fellowship Training at UT Houston and UT Southwestern Medical Schools and Children’s Hospitals in Texas, she is also involved in media and community service as well. Her engaging, passionate and inspiring bedside manner has brought her numerous opportunities in television, radio and print media including ABC’s Houston Medical, Lifetime’s Women Docs, and Good Morning America and more.

Partner at Pediatrix
Phone: (713) 398-0687
Twitter: @drterrimd
Instagram: @drterrimd

Dr. Lisa Ashe

Dr. Lisa Ashe, D.O. is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician based in the DMV metropolitan area. She launched Be Well after years of experience as a traveling physician and her observations in multiple clinical environments. Dr. Ashe noticed that in the current healthcare climate, many critical needs of patients were not being addressed due to limitations imposed by physicians or insurance providers. With her primary focus being on patient care and satisfaction, Dr. Ashe designed Be Well as a high touch membership practice that takes every patients' concerns into consideration and truly addresses them. You may recognize Lisa from her appearances on numerous TV programs giving health advice that has consistently and effectively engaged her audience.

Medical Director of Be Well
108 S Columbus St
Ste 201
Alexandria, VA 22314
Monday-Friday 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
Twitter: @Drlisaashe

Dr. Lisa Masterson

Dr. Lisa Masterson M.D. has pioneered the evolution of women’s healthcare into the 21st century. As a specialist in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, adolescent gynecology and family planning, Dr. Masterson has redefined the role of a gynecologist. However, most people recognize her as the Emmy-nominated co-host of the Emmy-winning hit syndicated daytime medical talk show The Doctors and her popular weekly lifestyle podcast Heath in Heels with Dr. Lisa. Dr. Masterson’s unique practice includes a myriad of services not found in today’s traditional gynecological medicine, paving the way for advancement in her field. 

1333 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA, 90401
Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm, Closed Weekends
Twitter: @DrLisaM
Instagram: @Drlisamasterson

Dr. Ava Roberts

Dr. Ava Roberts became the doctor child prodigy. Ava had above average intellect as a child. She quickly moved on to medical school in the US and has now become the youngest female African American doctor in the world at just 23 years of age. As a result of being a gifted child, Roberts quickly excelled through medical school and became a force to be reckoned with. The first black doctor in history was James McCune Smith, who received his medical degree in 1837 and was the first African-American to own and operate a pharmacy in the United States. In 1864, Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first African-American woman to receive a medical degree.

Dr. Ebony Hilton

History was made with Dr. Ebony Hilton as the first black female anesthesiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina since its opening in 1824. For Dr. Ebony Hilton, growing up in a single-parent household, even in her wildest dreams she was unsure if she could become a doctor. In 2013, Dr. Hilton was hired as the first black female anesthesiologist at MUSC, a specialty she chose because it was an important and useful role in every part of the hospital. As the first black female anesthesiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, she has now made it her duty to teach young girls to pursue their passions.

171 Ashley Ave,
Charleston, SC 29425
Phone: (843) 792-1414
Monday-Friday 8 am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday Emergencies Only
Facebook Ebony Jade Hilton

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