REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Ctrl Alt” (2×19)

REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Ctrl Alt” (2×19)

Chicago Med’s newest episode entitled Ctrl Alt” is full of conflicts in the emergency department that will surely leave you feeling curious about everything in this episode. It starts off with Dr. Halstead treating a patient named Lyla who suffers from injuries after a zip line fall. You’ll be surprised how her admission will affect Sharon Goodwin.

On the other hand, something happens while Dr. Latham and Dr. Rhodes are performing heart surgery to a patient. Hospital’s server has been corrupted and shut down therefore they can’t access patient’s medical record and electronic machines. Let’s see how Sharon Goodwin and the ED staff handle this tough situation. Will they pay the ransom or not?

Dr. Manning is treating a pediatric patient named Desmond who is thought to have flu but later found out having an infectious disease. Dr. Sarah Reese is now confused about her residency under Dr. Charles. Will she consider filling the vacancy in the E.D.? A guy named Jason is rushed to hospital due to gunshot wound. Meanwhile, Dr. Robyn Charles is acting differently and there’s something to be revealed in this episode that you need to watch out for.


  • Bert Goodwin is Sharon Goodwin’s ex-husband. Watch out for his unexpected visit to E.D. and you’ll see how Sharon reacts to it.

  • Dr. Robyn Charles, an epidemiologist who is Dr. Daniel Charles’ daughter. You’ll be surprised at her weird actions in this episode. 

REAL OR NOT RATING: ★★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 


  1. What’s that you’re spraying on him? Ethyl chloride.” When Dr. Rhodes performs a lymph node biopsy to Desmond, an ethyl chloride is sprayed to his neck before inserting a needle. In this case, it’s true when Dr. Rhodes says this will help prevent the pain caused by injections.

  2. Count the holes. If there’s an even number, it came out.” A man named Jason is brought to E.D. due to gunshot wounds. When Dr. Choi asks Noah about what to do after they figure out where the bullet went in, Noah is right when he says they should count the holes and if it’s an even number, it came out. In reality, there is what you call “bullet rule.” The rule states that the sum of the number of bullet wounds and actual bullets seen on diagnostic imaging should always be an even number. Bullets can either traverse the body and leave both entrance and exit wounds, or they can enter and remain in the body.

  3. “Valley fever is highly infectious.” When Desmond is admitted to hospital, he shows flu-like symptoms and labs revealed that he has Valley fever. It’s true that this is higly infectious disease since it is a fungal infection that can cause fever, chest pain and coughing, among other signs and symptoms.


  1. Nothing’s wrong with the episode.

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