REAL OR NOT — Chicago Med: “Speak Your Truth” (3×01)

REAL OR NOT — Chicago Med: “Speak Your Truth” (3×01)

Chicago Med’s third season is finally here! The last season left us hanging with a couple who had their first kiss, a doctor being shot by his patient, and an impending breakup, in this season premiere-- all our hopes and fears are answered.

This first episode entitled, “Speak Your Truth” starts off with Sharon trying to rescue Dr. Daniel Charles who was shot by his patient, Mr. Jack Kellogg. Under Dr. Rhodes’ care, Dr. Charles is now in good condition. Will they bring Mr. Kellogg to justice? Let’s find out.

On the other hand, Dr. Natalie Manning is back from a three-month sabbatical. A patient named Brian Cutler together with his wife is rushed to emergency department after a high speed crash. Meanwhile, Dr. Sarah Reese is discussing with Robin Charles about the signs and symptoms ofher illness that she might have.

Dr. Charles testifies for an insanity plea. Will he present evidence in favor of Mr. Kellogg? Dr. Ethan Choi and Nurse April are assigned to a patient named Ryan who comes to E.D. with fever. Nurse Doris notices something unusual about these two E.D staff. Does she know about their relationship?

Finally, Dr. Becker tells Dr. Latham she wants to perform Dr. Rhodes’ surgery as the latter is dealing with Robin Charles’ medical condition and to help him relieve some pressure. Let’s see how Dr. Rhodes reacts to this news.


  • Mr. Kellogg, a psychiatric patient who shot his doctor, Dr. Daniel Charles. Will Dr. Charles testify against him or will he be in favor of Mr.Kellogg?

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • “Do you know who I am? Do you know where you are?” -- When Dr. Daniel Charles was shot by his patient, Jack Kellogg, Sharon Goodwin ran towards him to check if he’sstill alive. In this case, Sharon is trying to assess Dr. Charles’ mental status. In reality, mental status is an indicator to know a patient’s thinking ability and to determine if any health problems are getting better or worse. It is right when Sharon asked Dr. Charles these questions: “Do you know who I am? Do you know where you are?”
  • “Her symptoms, they’re not consistent with a psychiatric disorder. A tumor? So I was crazy.” -- Doctors found out that the real cause of Robin’s psychiatric symptoms was a tumor. Dr. Reese tells her that  othersigns and symptoms she might get are sleep issues, hypersomia, impulsivity, disinhibition, and irritability. When Dr. Rhodes asks her tofurther explain what kind of impulsivity she might experience, Dr. Reese is right when she says that this could be impulse buying, gambling, and maybe hypersexuality. It is true that there are patients with brain tumors may experience changes in personality like becoming more impulsive and apathetic.
  • “Severe tooth decay could have allowed bacteria to enter the bloodstream and travel to his brain.” -- When Dr. Choi and Nurse April askabout the past medical history of their patient, Ryan, her mother says that he’s not seeing his dentist for years. They conclude that his tooth decay is the cause of his brain infection. Dr. Choi is right when he says thatbacteria from toothdecay can enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain because in reality, any infection can spread if it isn’t treated. Abscesses are commonly caused by bacterial infections in the tooth or gum. If no medical intervention done, it can spread to nearby teeth, jaw, neck, and brain.


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