Do You Love to Wear Orange Scrubs?

Do You Love to Wear Orange Scrubs?

By Elizabeth Ortiz

YOU ARE KNOWN TO BE: Popular and fun. Being around people fuels you. You are fearless and daring, all in the name of excitement. You tend to change your mind often and be indecisive. You like to please the people around you and make sure they are as lively and happy as you are.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT WORK: You are the person everyone surrounds in the workplace. People like to come to you during their breaks because of your positive attitude. Everyone loves your spirit and knows your creativity is one of a kind. You come up with ideas that may seem over the top but often lead to changes that everyone loves. You are detail-oriented and you always get your tasks done.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT HOME: You are not the type to sit down and do nothing. Even when you are home you are busy doing something. You always find something to fix or do. You do not mind getting your hands dirty as long as it means you are a part of something or trying something new. Organized is your middle name. You never leave anything unfinished; once you start something you make sure you finish it .

YOUR PERFECT NIGHT OUT: Involves going to different parties and socializing with different groups of people. You enjoy meeting new personalities, especially those who are just as energetic as you are. Even though you may age, your spirit will remain youthful. You have a charm like no other, making it easy for you to make friends.

YOUR DREAM VACATION: Would be traveling to a lively yet peaceful location with much to do. Being able to hike to the top of a volcano or diving off a cliff is sure to satisfy the adventurous side of you. You know how important it is to have your closest friends and family with you, so you are sure to take some of them with you. You would wake up early to do a little exploring before anyone else wakes up.