Do You Love To Wear Red Scrubs?

Do You Love To Wear Red Scrubs?

By Nancy Corrales

YOU ARE KNOWN TO BE: The center of attention is all aspects of life, your personality shines everywhere you go and people are drawn to you. You are outgoing and love to take risks, something those around you highly admire. You are most comfortable within in a crowd entertaining and shining like a bright star.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT WORK: A leader, risk taker and the first to take on projects. Your fearless personality sets you apart and allows you to stand out. Co-workers want to be in your team because you make work fun and entertaining for others. You are a leader in the workplace, your passion and work ethic gets you noticed by management and your boss.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT HOME: You are in charge and manage the household responsibilities. You can juggle it all, but accepting help from others may be a little challenging. You tend to put everything on your plate and that can get overwhelming at times. You always manage to figure out a solution and are good at it!

YOUR PERFECT NIGHT OUT: You and your group of friends over dinner catching up, then hitting the dance floor and making friends by the bar. You enjoy discovering new places. You have many favorite spots around town where you cut to the front of the line and always have a table. Your courageous vibe always makes for a great night, no one declines a night out with you!

YOUR DREAM VACATION: An exotic beach with a vibrant night life. You and your partner sipping margaritas on the beach while the music plays your favorite tunes. By day a party on the sand, and by night going on adventures , talking to locals to get a sense of the popular hot spots. Taking an impulsive vacation makes it more fun because you get to live in the moment and discover a new place with no itinerary.