Doctors Without Borders: How One Charity Changed The Medical World

Doctors Without Borders: How One Charity Changed The Medical World

The Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) charity focuses on assisting the medical and health care needs of war torn and poverty stricken nations and regions. Established in 1971, the organisational structure and charter was devised by a number of key French Medical Practitioners and Journalists. Disasters in Nigeria and Bangladesh at the time spurred the creation of a specific agency that targeted the medical needs of the poor and homeless. Some of the key events that the organisation has worked on include:

  • 1975 Cambodian Refugee emergency: Doctors without Borders focused on assisting people who were fleeing the war torn country and the tyrannical rule of the Khmer Rouge.
  • 1976 Lebanese Conflict: The charity helped supply medical aid and services to the different ethnic and religious groups in Lebanon. The conflict between the militias had led to a lack of supportive medical support. Doctors without Borders filled this gap.
  • 1980 Afghanistan conflict with the Soviet Union: Doctors without Borders does not identify with any political side or allegiance. In the case of the Afghanistan War, the charity supported the local medical practitioners and established adequate services for the population.
  • 1984 Ethiopian Famine: Providing medical assistance to dying children and adults during the famine in Ethiopia. The organisation gained notoriety from this event.

Medecins Sans Frontieres has also worked in South America, Sri Lanka, Armenia and a number of countries in Africa. With approximately 27,000 professionals working in emergency and conflict situations around the world, the charity has become a leading supplier of medical support and aid.

How does Medecins Sans Frontieres work?

Volunteer based organisation, Doctors without Borders is impartial and does not hold any political views. Volunteers who are interested in joining the charity are required to apply online through their job portal. The rigorous assessment process ensures that the medical professional is aware of the risks and financial benefits. A conservative salary is provided to accepted candidates coupled with free housing, board and repatriation. In many cases Doctors or Nurses who sign up as a volunteer will be subject to a contract period.

How is the Charity supported?

Doctors without Borders is a charity that focuses on raising money from the general public and governments through a number of different avenues. These include E-Cards, Stock Gifts, Fund Raising activities, and Foundations and Pledges. Recently the organisation introduced a Debit Mastercard, which would provide a 0.5% charitable donation on all purchases.

The Doctors without Borders charity has provided consistent and competent medical assistance and health care to many conflict and poverty stricken regions. To donate to the organisation please go to

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