Exciting Nursing Careers Among The Top Ten Careers

Exciting Nursing Careers Among The Top Ten Careers

 Nursing careers are obviously one of the most sought-after positions in not only the healthcare field, but in the entire, broad job market. They are also, as cited by the Bureau of Labor, among the top ten careers for substantial growth for many years down the road. With nurses scarce in availability and high in demand, landing that nursing job almost ensures you that you will be paid top dollar. 


Literally dozens of classifications of nurses exist today. Some prominent examples include nurse anesthetists, nurse case managers, holistic nurses and nurse practitioner. That’s only a fraction of the nursing jobs available to you. Let’s take a look at a few nursing careers that are especially in high-demand.

  • NEONATAL: This specialized nurse cares for newborns first the first, generally, 28 days of their life. Specific responsibilities of the neonatal nurse include expecting common symptoms, diagnosing and preventing them, and treating existing concerns.
    Holistic-with holistic nursing, you are responsible for not only for administering health care, but also other aspects of the patient and possibly his or her family. It encompasses more than just administering medication and giving shots-holistic nurses recognizes all facets of a human that include relationships, spirituality and well-being of the mind and other articles.
  • NURSE INFORMANT: This is a breed of nurses all to themselves. If you love the idea of nursing, as well as computers/networks/software, then this is the job for you. It involves using your RN skills in addition to specializing in setting up and maintaining hospital networks, selling hospital equipment to different hospitals or administering their local hospital’s computer network.
  • LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE: With this license, you will follow in the footsteps of registered nurses (Rn’s) and doctors. LP N’s assist them by providing basic health care to patients, monitoring patients’ vitals (pulse, airways) and supervising nurse assistants.
    Occupational-Health Nurse-these nurses are Rn’s and generally do not work in a hospital setting. Surprised? They are actually found working in industries such as construction, mining, offshore oil drilling. They, of course, typically have their own office within the workplace and oversee working conditions to recognize possible health hazards to workers as well as treating injured workers.
  • TRAVEL NURSING: For the RN that loves to travel and finds it hard to “settle-down” in any one spot, this career path is more than perfect. As full-time nurses go on vacations, retire or have to leave their profession, these will be your short-term assignments (generally less than a year). A traveling nurses agency pays the complete cost of moving and even subsidizes housing for you. In other words, they want treat you very well-due to the fact they make money off your high-demand skills.
    Explore the Possibilities

Those specialties are only the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps you love the aspect of nursing and psychology-it’s not only limited to psychologists and psychiatrists. The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (APRN, or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) works side-by-side with psychiatrists to treat and prevent a range of psychiatric problems and mental disorders. Welcome to the exciting, fulfilling world of the modern nurse.


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