What should a female Muslim wear to work as a doctor or nurse?

What should a female Muslim wear to work as a doctor or nurse?

By Josephine Reid

There shouldn’t be a problem [wearing traditional clothing] as long as your clothing does not restrict your mobility or pose a risk of infection, or prevent you from doing your job. The school will most likely have a color code which you’ll need to follow.

I work with several Muslim women at my facility.They wear the hijab (head and neck covering), and some are quite beautiful. A Peds RN I know wears a long sleeved shirt under her tunic, with matching scrub pants underneath.

The Muslim nurses I know do not wear dresses or skirts, but I think that’s their choice. Skirts are allowed, because I know some Pentecostal RNs who rock their Danskos wearing long skirts over leggings - Nurse Beth

On the opposing side, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, a writer and commentator, argues state-run institutions like hospitals should be free from the doctrine of religion; and said that hijabs are a health hazard. Alibhai-Brown claims that there should be dress code - applying to staff of any religion - that bans veils including hijab and niqab.

There are a number of concerns and misunderstandings among female Muslim healthcare workers and students around current theatre uniform requirements. Recent discussion highlights some of the worries that medical students have around the topic of religious dress codes in theatre. The issue is raised whether or not it is okay to wear a hijab/muslim headscarf during placement, if it's allowed, and the health and safety issues surrounding this.

Easing concerns such as these might help to encourage more female doctors into surgery and other medical careers by providing a pathway to follow a religious dress code without compromising the theatre uniform or health and safety regulations.

Overall, the final answer comes down to the actual institution, but the discussion surrounding this topic continues to grow and develop.
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