If you’re looking to buy a set of scrubs, you have come to the right place. Trust Dress A Med for all of your scrub needs! In the meantime, check out these interesting facts about hospital scrubs that you may not have known:

  • The way scrubs look today evolved out of nun’s habits since nuns used to be the primary caretakers of ill or injured people.
  • Scrubs are now popular with backpackers because of the lightweight material and ease of movement.
  • Florence Nightingale suggested that nurses be dressed differently than doctors so everyone could tell the two apart.
  • Scrubs rose in popularity in the 1970’s because of how easy they were to clean. They were thought to be less likely to transmit infections like Staph.
  • In the early 19th century, nurses wore floor length dresses. Being seen as respectable and separate from the servants was more important than being comfortable!
  • After World War I, the dresses were shortened into skirts so that nurses could move more easily and run if they needed to.
  • Hats were once a part of nurse uniforms; however, the male nurses did not like wearing them. The practice was discontinued.
  • Surgeons used to wear street clothes and butchers’ aprons, but that changed in the 1940’s when people realized that it was a bit crude as well as unhygienic.

We hope you learned something new about the history of scrubs and clothing in the medical field! If you are in need of hospital scrubs, be sure to shop Dress A Med’s collection and find something to fit you and your needs just right.