Hospital Scrubs: How Many Sets of Scrubs Do I Need For Work?

Hospital Scrubs: How Many Sets of Scrubs Do I Need For Work?

By Nancy Corrales

Working in a hospital means you live in scrubs! This can make it extremely easy to get ready for work, but deciding how many sets and colors to select when buying hospital scrubs can be complicated. There are many patterns and color options to choose from. So how do you know what is the right uniform for you?

You must be cautious of the vibe you are portraying when dealing with patients. Color therapy is essential in a hospital setting. Believe it or not, your hospital scrubs give out healing properties.

For example, yellow is an energizing color that invokes sunlight, relating to feeling optimistic. A bright color like yellow will immediately make those around you feel happy and positive. In a hospital, patients need all the positive energy they can get. Blue is great for mixing and matching patterns, because they are functional and work like a pair of jeans. There are many shades of blue to choose from, which identifies with calmness. Giving out a sense of calmness is great if you’re a doctor or nurse, because you want your patients to feel secure while under your care.

Black is a great basic to have – easy to pair with any other color. Avoid wearing all black too often, as it can look depressing and you do not want to give out that vibe to patients. Green associates with growth, vitality, and being open and positive – all great characteristics in a hospital scrub. Reds gives out a firm and peaceful vibe, which are great for doctors, nurses and hospital employees to portray to those around them. An intense saturated red, however, can be disturbing to patients and can even increase a bad mood, causing feelings of anger. Embrace all white uniforms; it is crisp, clean and professional. Patients will be attracted to your sense of purity and honest spirit.