Life Changing: What Nursing Careers Have To Offer

Life Changing: What Nursing Careers Have To Offer

For many people around the world nursing is what they are getting education in. With nursing jobs being in such high demand these days, it is ideal for the typical working person to check out some of the offers that these amazing, life changing careers have.

Many states offer schooling in nursing careers. If you are interested in going through with this field of work, you need to know what all it has to offer.

There are many fields in nursing that the average person can get into. The most prominent is the registered nurse. When going through with this nursing career you can achieve a high pay salary and benefits. The average pay rate for the registered nurse is close to thirty-one dollars an hour. The potential of making sixty-five thousand dollars a year sounds like a very promising career. This is just one benefit to having a nursing career.



Nurses have the opportunity to help people on a daily basis. Some of the duties of a R.N. start with the observation of patients’ symptoms and their medical records. Giving medications, treating them for their ailments, and helping perform diagnostic testing and analyzing the results for patients are also some duties. Also on the list are teaching patients and families how to manage their injuries and their illnesses, and explaining how to care for them after leaving their facility. In addition to all of the duties and the great salary a registered nurse makes, come great benefits. Most hospitals and other facilities offer health insurance and dental plans. These are just some things registered nursing careers offer.

Another great nursing career is a licensed practical nurse. This field of nursing offers many great opportunities. Pay is usually up to twenty dollars an hour, making you around forty thousand dollars a year. These nurses provide basic medical care. The duties when becoming a L.P.N are monitoring patients’ health, as in taking patients’ blood pressure, changing bandages, and inserting catheters. Other things that can be administered in this nursing career are reporting patients’ statuses to the doctor and to the registered nurses. In this field of work, the duties are basic, and the pay is not that bad. Getting into this career is a big plus when wanting to provide for your family.

Those nursing careers are just a couple examples of what kind of nurses you can be. Choosing any kind of nursing careers offer limitless opportunities. They work with different people from many different kinds of backgrounds. Nurses manage and provide care in a large variety of settings, such as corporations, clinics, correctional facilities, emergency rooms, mental health facilities, schools, outreach programs, homes, and many abuse facilities. Nurses can also earn advanced degrees to further their careers in leadership positions and nursing research. Nurses teach people to maintain, and promote their own wellness and to prevent illness. That in itself is rewarding enough.

A career in nursing offers a lifetime of rewarding opportunities and challenges. With any field of nursing, the possibilities are endless. Considering a career in nursing that offers such professional independence and a career in helping people is just some of the things nursing can offer.

Ryan Paulin is an expert author at ArtiPot.