Medical Supply Company: Five Facts About Nursing Supplies

Medical Supply Company: Five Facts About Nursing Supplies

By Cindy Lima

How fast patients can get in and out of the physician’s room can depend on how fast that physician is able to find their supplies. On a daily basis physicians see countless of patients. Nursing supplies are not cheap either.

Here are 5 facts about controlling and maintain nursing supplies:

The Right Person

Selecting the right person for the job in order to keep track is very important. Since they will be the ones ordering the supplies from a medical supply company. That person should have excellent organizational skills. It is important or them to keep track of what supplies are in need at the hospital or clinic. Maybe they can make an excel file or a simple calendar list. Whatever their method of choice is they must be able to have organizational and time management skills. Letting the physicians know who the supply clerk is can help make the restocking schedule easier. Since the physicians will know who to go to for the supplies they are missing or want to order.

List Of Supplies

What supplies are needed depends on the physician. Developing a list of what each room needs is the best way of knowing what needs to be order and the frequency of it. How many cotton balls does each room need? How many do you use per day? After, composing a list of the nursing supplies needed will help when ordering from a medical supply company.

Comparing Prices

Once you found the right person for the job, they must be able to shop around and find the best prices. That is why finding the right person for the job is crucial. That person can save you a couple of dollars by buying from the right medical supply company.  extra money can go to other equipment needed or other expenses. Certain medical supply companies have discounts depending on how much you buy from them. Buying online or in-store can make prices vary.

Format Of Rooms

Every room in the hospital or clinic needs to be in the same format. The will help the physician’s job become faster and more effective. The physician should be able to open a drawer in a room and find the same medical supplies in that drawer as they would in the previous room. The right medical supply company will have online a list for the nursing supplies needed. To make things smoother you can categorize each list by each room name.

Stock Schedule

Having a simple and effective stock schedule can help the person ordering the supplies know what is in need. It is important to maintain the right kind of schedule because supplies can run out in a blink of an eye. When to order each item is crucial. Physicians need to be able to write down what is in need in time for the order. Should you order every week or month? Most of all that depends on how many patients you see on a regular basis and how much of those supplies the physician uses. If you found the right medical supply company whom to order from they might ship you supplies on a regular basis.