What are the most important skills a nursing student should work on?

What are the most important skills a nursing student should work on?

By Josephine Reid

There a variety of important skills that are crucial to having a prosperous nursing school journey. We've collected the top skills via allnurses.com

Good Writing Skills Are Essential

Like it or not, writing is an essential skill and you will be judged (either harshly or favorably) by your ability to communicate well in the written language. This article highlights common grammatical pitfalls to avoid. The ability to write well will get you far in your nursing career and gives you the competitive edge in a very tight job market.

Hear, hear! I am sometimes APPALLED at the poor quality of writing I see from my co-workers, and here at AN. How did some of these people graduate school? Also, why do they get so defensive when called out about it? I don't care if English is your 2nd or 3rd or 1st language - the medical field requires CRITICAL communication! Life and death depend on it. - mclennan, BSN
Every single one of the examples i gave came from student entries in my recent online nursing research class. one of the objectives of this class, besides teaching the students the principles and protocol of nursing research, is honing their writing skills. writing is a learned skill, just like anything else we choose to pursue. very few people are "born" writers. most people have to work very hard at writing. much practice truly does make perfect! -VickyRN
I highly recommend Revising Prose by Richard A. Lanham. Perfect book for taking writing to the next level no matter what field or stage of life you are in. Slightly pricey but well worth it! - Bthechange

Computer Skills

Before entering nursing school you should have your basic computer skills down pact.
Yes, you need to have some pretty good computer skills. Especially in Word, Excel, Power Point.......

As for litigation software, there are several from which to choose. You need to find one that you think will compliment your practice. It should be one that is very easy to work up a case - addressing all documents, facts of the case, issues, etc. -sirI, MSN, APRN, NP Admin

Knowing What's Ahead

In order to properly prepare for what's ahead, it's helpful to know what skillset lies ahead.
1st semester in Fundamentals we learned all the CNA type duties and assessments.
2nd semester everything else, how to assess and IV site, but nothing else about them.
3rd semester we learned IVs and everything r/t them; pushing meds, hanging meds, blood, etc... -Emilynn09
Prior to applying for nursing school we have to take 2 CNA type classes:
transfers, bed making, baths, v/s, foleys, tube feeding, wound care, stoma care, cvc dressing changes, several others, but I cannot recall at the moment. The first class is clean technique skills and the second is sterile technique.
Then for nursing school itself (7 quarters)
1st quarter - assessment
2nd quarter - PO, IM, ID, mixing meds, insulin, SubQ, trach care, suctioning, NG tubes
3rd quarter - I start this quarter in 2 weeks - this is our last specific skills class, I believe we focus on IVs for the 1st half of the quarter and whatever else they have on the plate for us. -shortnorthstudent

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