What are must need school supplies for a nursing student?

What are must need school supplies for a nursing student?

By Josephine Reid

There are surely some must needed supplies that top the list, including medical scrubs best fit for the job, as seen here, flesh-toned underwear (as many nursing schools require that you wear white medical scrub pants), nursing appropriate shoes, a wheeled backpack, badge clips, a student planner, and more. These and the following supplies have been deemed some of the best “nurse hacks:”

Have you ever tried to remember a whole lecture? Or, have you ever scribbled down notes in a hurry and then found it impossible to decipher them when you got home? An easy solution to this problem is a tape recorder. You can actually record lectures so you can listen later.

Use matching sticky arrows help to mark the page for specific things you need. The orange and yellow sticky arrows will be the most useful in this case. You can use them to mark the pages that have yellow or orange highlighter sections. This will make your test reviews very efficient and productive. This will also allow you to quickly access everything you want to discuss in a meeting with your professor. Once it has been cleared up you can remove the sticky arrow and know that you have addressed it.

A nursing 'brain sheet' is also an important tool to help with clinicals.

Other pocket-handy go-to's are pocket-sized foam hand sanitizers, trauma sheers (you will need them in both non-emergent as well as emergent situations. But most importantly, when you need them, whether you have them on hand or not will make or break your time management).

A stethoscope and pen light and watch is also for the most well-prepared students. As a student being prepared for various situations at any moment is very important.

Last but not least compression socks are a must for comfort and all day performance on your feet!

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