How Can I Decide Between A Career In Nursing Or A Career In Computer Science?

How Can I Decide Between A Career In Nursing Or A Career In Computer Science?

By Josephine Reid

Nursing is a diverse field and offers the opportunity to make a difference and explore different career paths. Computer Science solves problems and improves solutions, it protects people and organizations and it can improve communication.

It is beneficial to have some book knowledge on the essentials of computer science and knowing the basic ins and outs will help.

“Computer science is not about machines, in the same way that astronomy is not about telescopes. There is an essential unity of mathematics and computer science” — Michael R. Fellows (1991)

Computer Science majors often work as programmers that maintain and design databases, rewrite or write programs for companies that need them to perform specific tasks.

Computer Information Systems Managers manage the business sector, working with computers simultaneously. Their jobs usually revolve around meetings with top management and active decision making about which types of computers, software, network, and related systems are needed for operations and future growth of the company while directing others or working directly with technology themselves.

Nurses, on the other hand, work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health departments, businesses, public schools and mental health centers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, duties performed by nurses include providing patient care, assessing patients, developing nursing care plans and educating patients about their conditions.

Nurses must be able to assess a situation and make crucial decisions on the spot. In nursing, there are often multiple options for treatment, which means critical thinking is essential for analyzing the situation and determining the best solution.

Both careers demand crucial critical thinking skills. After some research, it is recommended to seek a mentor involved in both fields to get an accurate and reliable perspective.

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