By Nancy Corrales

Medical scrubs have become the go to uniform in hospitals, but what ever happened to the nursing dress? The modern nurse is all about individuality and comfort. Medical staff all wear the same style scrubs and clogs. Running into an ER you wouldn’t know a receptionist from a Dr. In the past, nurses stood out because they wore white dresses, caps, and nursing shoes.

There is something nostalgic about the nursing dress. We’ve seen it so many times as the epitome of a nurse in TV and movies. But why isn’t it really like this in reality? Fortunately, Dress A Med makes this so! We haven’t changed our designed in 30 years because everyone loves it as is. It’s a fashion forward look at nursing school graduations.

In fact, our nursing dress is a famous staple among our customers. “I felt pretty badass in it cause it’s not a traditional boring nurse dress.” A 5 out of 5 star reviewer explains on our Amazon page. “It was pretty cute and the bow in the back makes it super fire”.

We don’t just have a typical white nursing dress, Dress A Med’s dress is feminine and chic. Our customers have made our nurse dress a top seller, and a must have in every nurse’s wardrobe. It takes only a few seconds to make a lasting impression, and the nursing dress gives you a feminine virtue scrubs can’t.

More importantly, our nursing dress comes in sizes for all shapes of women. “As a larger person, 5’11” and typically a size 12 in women’s. It is a perfect fit with a little wiggle room. The tie around the waist is a wonderful touch and accentuates my curves by pulling it in.” Our customer Abby raved in a 5 star review.

We design the nursing dress with a focus on functionally and femininity, our customers rave on our site that their favorite thing about the dress is the “good material and durability”. We love how are customers appreciate that while the material is soft and light, it is also not transparent.

Here at Dress A Med we like to stay true to what a nurse used to look like, back when a nurse in uniform represented an established independent woman; when the white dress is the only thing that stood out in the battlefield during the Crimean War. No matter what, we’re sure to make your graduation day extremely special.