QUIZ: What Color Scrubs Best Fit Your Personality?

QUIZ: What Color Scrubs Best Fit Your Personality?

By Josephine Reid

Which of these things would make you the happiest in life?

a. Living life to the fullest with constant energy
b. Living for the purpose of showing love, care and affection to others
c. Living life as a leader with great power and independence
d. Living a well organized and balanced life
e. Living at peace and in control

You see someone stealing a dog that leashed outside a coffee shop, what do you do?

a. Confront the thief with threats
b. Patiently wait to find a way to figure out where and who the dog owner is
c. Come to near tears in sadness for the dog
d. Lead security, police or anyone that can help to the situation
e. Hope that someone around may help

At a party you're:

a. Outgoing and very energetic
b. Looking to catch up with friends and see how they're doing
c. The one taking care of overly intoxicated friends/acquaintances
d. Making new friends all night
e. The one that leaves as soon as things start to get too crazy

When someone at work makes you angry, you:

a. Make a passionate speech about how you feel in front of all your co-workers
b. Breathe deeply and let it go
c. Get upset in private
d. Figure out a way to hash out the problem
e. Get a mediator to help discuss the problem

If you won 2 million dollars, one of the first things you would do is:

a. Buy your dream car and take a dream vacation on a whim
b. Create a game plan and give some money to your closest family members right away
c. Plan a family vacation and buy gifts for your best friend or significant other
d. Invest in stocks and promising businesses
e. Put most of it in savings and figure out slowly what do with the rest

Beyonce takes a break from the twins and wants to spend the day with you. You:

a. Post each moment on social media without a thought and challenge her to a dance battle
b. Come up with creative activities in hopes that she recognizes your hidden talents
c. Cry tears of joy and try to tune into her every need
d. Asks about all her success secrets and insights on her life
e. Plan out the perfect day based on her latest posts and interviews

You have 1 week to prepare for a marathon. You prepare by:

a. Wait until the night before to prep and don't bother worrying
b. Befriend an acquaintance that knows their fitness in hopes that they can help out
c. Ask your mom for emotional support to make it through
d. Drop everything, train like an athlete and expect to win
e. Organize the perfect workout plan and try to do your best

On a plane, you're the kind of middle seat person that:

a. Starts a group conversation and becomes fast friends with everyone nearby
b. Tries to get to know those around if they look like they could be interesting
c. Offers help to anyone who may look in need of anything
d. Unintentionally starts a controversial conversation but doesn't get into personal life details
e. Keeps quiet in fear you may say the wrong things

You're snowed or flooded in with 5 of your co-workers for at least 8 hours, you:

a. Start a dance party and get someone to dj with music on their phone
b. Try to find ways food can be preserved for others, but mostly yourself
c. Instantly thinks of who else may be affected by the weather and help flustered co-workers
d. Take lead of the situation by assigning tasks to make sure things don't go astray
e. Look online for best ways to handle the situation

You just spent all night baking a cake for your boss's birthday which is the next day but your dog knocks it on the floor and eats most of it. You:

a. Record it and plan to show your boss how hilarious it was
b. Create a last minute gift and write a caring letter, hoping it will still win you points
c. Wake up early to drive to the best bakery to get a replacement cake, plus a gift to make up for the mess
d. Figure out a recipe to make a mini dessert instead
e. Start completely over to make an even better cake 

You are bold, loud, boisterous and full of energy. You are adventurous, spontaneous and have a thirst for anything that gives you an adrenaline rush. You are passionate, ambitious and competitive. You also like being the center of attention and do not shy away from any chance to shine. You live life to the fullest.
 You are deep, calm, reliable and trustworthy. Like the ocean, you appear strong and confident but there is more beneath the surface, a vulnerable-somewhat stormy side. Although you are constantly thinking of others and how you may affect them, you tend to have inflexible beliefs and live life according to your own ideals.
You are the heart of all colors. You are loving, soft, kind, sensitive and affectionate. You are the nurturer; always giving more than you are receiving. You are sweet and charming and always know how to deal with everyone in a way that comforts them. You are delicate and may have a naive or child-like side to you which makes you even more lovable.
You are strong-willed and determined. You want power and prestige and you are not afraid of going after what you want. You are a natural born leader who is responsible for great power but can sometimes come off as intimidating. You are careful in sharing details of your life.  
You are logical, neat, peaceful yet immaculate. You have a positive personality and you are optimistic about life and the future. People love being around you because you are bright and you exude happiness. You like to play it safe and you are usually very detail-oriented.

I'm Josephine Reid and I work at Dressamed.com headquarters in Los Angeles. I have a B.S. in Retail Merchandising and Business from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I like to keep a beautiful balance of a creativity and business mindset.