Psoriasis Awareness Sparks By Embarrassing Pool Incident

Psoriasis Awareness Sparks By Embarrassing Pool Incident

By Cindy Lima

Psoriasis is affecting the life of a young woman. However, the condition itself is not what has been causing her trouble. The lack of awareness of the condition is what troubles her. Because of this she has vowed to show others what Psoriasis is really about.

Lianne Hunter is 29 years old and lives in Manchester. She was diagnosed with Psoriasis at age 5. Lianne does not remember life without the condition. As a result, she also does not remember a time when she wasn’t teased for having the condition.

One time she recalls going swimming with her younger sister. The lifeguard at the pool asked her to leave because he believed that her skin patches were contagious. Lianne tried to explain that the condition was not contagious. However, the lifeguard was not aware of the condition and continue to tell her to leave the pool. The lifeguard went on to tell everyone who was at the pool that she had a condition and that it could be contagious. That incident is something Lianne would never forget.

She has vowed to show others that the condition is not something that people need to fear. She knows that if more people were aware of Psoriasis they would not have taunted her as they did. She describes how she is having success educating others about the disease on the street.

Lianne says: ‘If I catch somebody’s eye, I just smile and say “it’s psoriasis, a condition where patches of my skin multiply faster than the normal rate.”‘It’s not exactly correct, but it’s usually enough for people to understand it’s not contagious and either puts their mind at ease or prompts further questions.

Psoriasis is a condition where the skin develops red, flaky, crusty patches of skin. Those patches may have silvery scales on them. The condition can start at any age but for most it develops before age 35. Women and men develop the condition equally. Psoriasis can be a long-lasting or chronic condition. The severity of the condition is not the same for everyone. Psoriasis may cause minor irritations for some people, while others may experience more of a severe irritation.

There is no cure for Psoriasis. However, there are various treatments that can help improve the symptoms and the appearance of the skin patches.