REAL OR NOT — Chicago Med: “Malignant” (1×05)

REAL OR NOT — Chicago Med: “Malignant” (1×05)

The long wait is over for Chicago Med. It’s back on track. The latest episode, “Malignant,” has aired on the first Tuesday of this year. Chicago Med welcomes the New Year with mind-boggling scenes that will excite the viewers about how the medical staff will handle the dilemma. Another thing that viewers should watch for is the crossover event of the Chicago series.


  • Jay Halstead, brother of Dr. Will Halstead and a detective of Chicago P.D. You will see how he becomes the reason of conflict between his brother and Dr. Connor.
  • Kelly Severide, a lieutenant and leader of Rescue Squad 3 of Chicago Fire Department. Watch for his love interest in one of the nurses in Chicago Med.
  • Christopher Hermann, a firefighter of Chicago Fire. The crossover begins when he is brought to the ER due to stab wounds. Conflicts are seen while treating him.
  • Noah Sexton, younger brother of Nurse April Sexton and a medical student. You will see how his first day in the hospital affects Sarah Reese.
  • Joey, a laboratory technician whom Sarah Reese met in the hospital. Watch for their awkward interactions in the series.

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Mass spectrometry helps in diagnosing cancer. Sarah reese wants to run a test for Jessica Pope, a chemotherapy patient,  bone marrow depletion is the focus of her research. In reality, this test determines if a tissue is malignant, the type of cancer and bio-markers that help in quick diagnosing of cancer.
  • Taking credit for someone’s work. When Noah brings the mass spectrometry result to Dr. Choi, he takes credit for Reese’s idea of running that test for Jessica, to impress Dr. Choi. In real life people do this to get a compliment from others, though it will be unfair for the person they’re cheating.
  • Giving false diagnoses and overdosing. Three patients are brought to the hospital with different signs and symptoms but with same causes. Jessica Pope, a patient who was found by Chicago Fire and medical staff thought she attempted suicide. Carol Shepperd, on the other hand, an elderly woman who has fever and Dr. Manning thought she had urinary tract infection, and soon lead to renal failure. Dani Frank, a patient who experienced seizure was hit by a car. All these three patients were misdiagnosed and overdosed by their previous doctors. Cases like these happen in real life. Medical practitioners are giving false diagnoses to patients for reasons such as incompetency and money.
  • “First step is always the hardest.” Noah Sexton, on his first day in the hospital is struggling with a lot of things. He has difficulty handling emergencies in the ER. When Dr. Choi asks him about the gunshot case, he’s not sure of his answers and makes a mistake due to nervousness. In real life, the first step is always difficult. You make wrong decisions and mistakes.


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