“Prisoner’s Dilemma” is the newest episode of Chicago Med that will surely test your judgment. It starts off with Dr. Ethan Choi treating a 7-year old patient named Bruna who is rushed to ED  after she collapsed mid-flight due to congenital heart condition. Nurse Maggie asks Nurse April why she reports to work even though she just lost her baby. It seems that Nurse April is still hiding her true feelings about the loss.

On the other hand, a 25-year old coma patient named Teresa Azen is brought to hospital due to blood in her urine. You’ll be surprised at how Dr.Manning’s assessment reveals the truth about her condition. Meanwhile, when Dr. Sarah Reeseis having a tour in a psychiatric facility, she meets a patient named Nancy, a 15-year old girl who is diagnosed with borderline disorder.

Dr. Latham loses his detachment while performing a heart surgery to a patient. Does his treatment for Asperger’s really helpful? Nurse April and Jeff Clarke find out that Bruna’s mother, Zulmera, is a drug mule when she starts to vomit the cocaine inside her body. Will they report it to the police? Let’s find out.

REAL OR NOT RATING: ★★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 


  1. Overdose of cocaine is fatal. When Nurse April finds out that Zulmera is drug mule, ED staff
    immediately removes the cocaine packets inside her body because once it bursts, she will die.In reality, cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug and is capable of eliciting a number of pronounced and often dangerous, effects throughout the user’s brain and body. In 2014 alone,more than 5,500 people died from cocaine overdose.
  2. Thorough assessment can prevent misdiagnosing. When Dr. Manning, notices that Teresa wakes up, she doesn’t stop assessing her by getting her Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) and by requesting a brain CT. Exams reveal that she is suffering from stroke and not coma. In this case,to prevent misdiagnosing, doctors and nurses should do a comprehensive assessment.

  3. Terminating a pregnancy for a coma patient should be considered. When Dr. Manning finds out that Teresa is pregnant, she informs her parents about this but they want to keep the baby despite the condition of their daughter. Dr. Manning is right when she says that taking the pregnancy to term would be difficult because of high risk of getting fatal conditions like pulmonary embolism, sepsis, respiratory failure etc. since Teresa is thought to be in coma. In real life, pregnancy in coma is dangerous for the patient because of complication risks. For example, since coma patients can’t move, walk, or do exercises, the risk of getting deep vein thrombosis is higher compare to normal pregnant patients.


  1. Nothing’s wrong with the episode.

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