REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Black Tag” (1×11)

REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Black Tag” (1×11)

The Mid-Season finale of Code Black and no one could believe the series would ever go that far.Within the last few months we have learned so much about the characters, the medical problems, the emotional side of medicine and much more. The”Black Tag”episode was one of the best shows produced by the writers and producers. Everything was so interesting and unexpected, so you just didn’t want the episode to come to an end. Well, at least there is only one month left to wait for it.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: Neal and Christa, Mario, Leanne and  Jesse, in other words…Everyone. They all have something very serious going on in this episode and it is absolutely normal and realistic especially the most important thing that Neal wouldn’t leave without. Christa triggers the ideas about the real romance in the second part of the season 1.

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Residents, attending doctors, nurses and rescue teams all rushing to a massive crash site
    to save as many people as possible.
  • Doctors putting their lives at risk to save someone else’s. Christa saving Lilly’s family was incredibly brave. Although I believe it would hurt much more to fall down from where she fell from, than what was actually shown when dislocating her shoulder. However, she just proved that doctors are great people, prioritizing everyone else before themselves. Incredibly moving.
  • Doctors going against the rules to save lives. Leanne was being incredibly brave to standby her decision to go and save Jason’s mother. I believe we could all see her past in this case as she was in a car crash once, and it is okay that she is sentimental about it. After all she was right and hopefully we get to see more about that situation next time.


  • Liquid concrete just about to set, and the man caught Kenny stuck up to his head in a car, sounds way too complicated. I believe the writers actually wanted to make it super-incredibly-impossible to save the man and they actually did it. FYI the concrete would have probably affected his blood vessels, blood flow and organs, plus it can cause multiple fractures. Unfortunately, we were left in the unknown about Kenny after he was pulled out.
  • Doctors black tagging people when they still show quite good signs of survival. That was lazy doctor’s opinion. Leanne came back to check on and save the mother of Jason, the little boy who insisted on having his mom saved. Although Malaya already black tagged her, Leanne and Neal actually saved her life by cutting her leg off and getting her to the hospital. It just proves that this is not a good idea to let first year residents go around and black tag people, because they are much more likely to skip the patients who are still standing with a good chance of survival.

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