REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Cardiac Support” (1×10)

REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Cardiac Support” (1×10)

Before I tuned in to watch “Cardiac Support” of Code Black, I had no idea that the episode would be so dramatic. Jesse experiencing major heart attack left us all speechless in the worst possible way! After the last episode “The Son Rises”, I thought we were going to get a break from the drama but I was proved wrong! The show is only getting more exciting.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR:  Jesse. The heart attack he experiences will hopefully allow everyone to get to know him better. Jesse is one of the most important characters on Code Black, but he’s obviously being set up for bigger storylines in the future. Mario was also showing important progress in this episode. The way he stepped up against Neal to bring the child of the patient he treated was incredible!

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Doctors fighting for each other’s lives. We know that Jesse is not a doctor but as mentioned he is one of the central personalities in Code Black, so saving him was extremely important job. What is more, reality would just strike exactly the same as it did in Angels Memorial; people have to overcome personal emotions while treating
    their closest ones.
  • Aubrey and her weight loss story. It is extremely sad but the way Aubrey’s mom was poisoning her to make her look ‘more beautiful’ is heartbreaking. Sadly, parents do sometimes recklessly hurt their children without understanding considering the long term effects.


  • Leanne having no days off for three years. This is highly unlikely in real life as every staff member does get days off. While we know her personal story about her family, how sad and depressed she might be, you would still have days off for the sake of your health and those working in stressful situations with you.
  • The reckless patient who jumped out of the ambulance van; it reminded me of the Batman movies where Joker was a “crazy patient”. This was too weird and obviously a plot device to trigger Jesse’s heart attack.
  • Mario leaving the hospital in scrubs. Well, that was very cringe worthy and fake. Even if he did find the boy who had Down Syndrome was amazing, the fact that he drove in scrubs was too off-putting for me. You take off your scrubs once you leave the hospital– it’s just a typical rule in the majority of hospitals.

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