REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Hail Mary” (1X16)

REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “Hail Mary” (1X16)

So “Hail Mary” of Chicago Med was exciting as we were all waiting to know more about the stalker and Malaya. We wanted to know whether she is going to be able to see and operate. Oh boy, we saw more than enough. Let’s not forget Christa and Neal. Their relationship was one of the most important story lines in the whole season. Whether they are going to continue and how everyone is going to react… The only thought I’ve been having recently is just related to the season 2.. I really hope that CBS decides to continue the show because it is only getting better and smarter!

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: Neal and Christa, Grace (Neals Ex). We all want to know what is going to happen in the season finale. It is approaching slow and we just can’t wait to see any sort of move Neal would make towards his relationship with Christa to make it work. C’mon Neal!


1 being the worst, 5 by being the best. 

REAL: How the real world works:

  1.  Angus feeling guilty for what he has done. Well, yes, he is guilty and he did not assist Gordon. He was intentionally making him suffer more, but only because he knew that Gordon hurt Malaya (we all know Angus is like a big brother to Malaya). It is normal for a doctor to feel guilty and be embarrassed about the things he’s done. Doctors feel guilty a lot of times, especially during the very beginning of their careers.

FAKE: Cringe worthy scenes that would never happen:

  1. Malaya allowed to jump into being a doctor after few days of being in intensive care? I hope they were joking, this is not realistic at all. Doctors do need to go through multiple checks before they are put though the ‘deal’ with patients again after they suffered a trauma. Let’s not make it a super doctor show.
  2. Tourist visas are six to nine months and can perfectly last up to a year– so what is Graces’ deal with Rosaline and the difficulty of getting her to a hospital? Not real…

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