In the latest episode of Code Black, ‘The Son Rises” we saw the reality, the emotions, the medicine and the whole picture. The beauty of the show is that we are slowly getting to know each of the characters, the medical cases are always on the spot and the show itself is a real medical drama rather than just another soap. I have to admit, the show is getting progressively more interesting this season.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR:  Leanne was the central character of this episode, revealing more info on her family and ‘the accident’. There was obvious tension between Mario and Angus but they concentrated on their patients rather an arguing.

(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Doctors asking each other out. Cole and Leanne are at the peak of their developing relationship and it can happen in the every day situations of working in a hospital together. Doctors spend a lot of time together in close proximity: hours, days, weeks; certainly enough time to encourage a romantic relationship between them.
  • Doctors being the life-savers and counselors. That is real, and in this episode, we saw multiple situations, including Christa and patients’ son Jeremy, Leanne and the star of the “Lion King”. Doctors will relate to their patients and will
    provide the best possible care and advice, not only to save the patient but also to comfort their family members.


  • The “Lion King” cast performing for the dying patient at the end of the episode. Well, there might be an occurrence of something similar, but not to the scale of the whole theatre group performing for one person. It’s more likely, for example, that a local choir would perform in the main hall of the hospital for all patients, rather just one in the ICU.
  • Doctor Pineda freaking out over the artery that she supposedly touched while working on a patient with a mass on his vocal chords. Well, the doctors do freak out and back off, but the attending would’ve have stepped in. 
  • Patients and family members watching procedures being performed in the ER while the lives of their loved ones are at risk. While likely in a hollywood version of a hospital, usually loved ones are put behind curtains during such procedures. There’s too much pressure already riding on the doctor that’s trying to save the critical patient.

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