REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “We Plug Holes” (1×02)

REAL OR NOT — Code Black: “We Plug Holes” (1×02)

Waiting to watch the second episode of the Code Black on Wednesday was quite exciting now as we’ve met the main characters and kind of have an idea about people, their work and the drama they have to go through on a day-to-day basis. During the ‘Pilot’ it was obvious that the ER is super busy and quite few people are of a strong character. The second episode ‘We plugholes’ was better than first one but not fully realistic as I’d expected.

CHARACTERS TO WATCH FOR: Dr. Hudson and Christa. There was a lot of sparkle over there both in the ER and OR. I wonder how far that would go? It is still unclear if Rorish and Hudson have any feelings towards each other or was that just the first impression of a first episode.


(1 being the worst, 5 by being the best.)


  • Laura the 27-year old female patient was the first one to be brought into the ER by the paramedics. Initially diagnosed with ovarian torsion and treated the same day, Laura was good to home the same day as that type of surgery is an emergency situation, so doctors would perform it ASAP. Plus, they showed a real medical video of a twisted
    ovary which is a bonus point for the medical show.
  • The blind teenager who was brought to ER with his father was treated super quickly by Dr. Rorish, who inserted Foley tubes into his nostrils to stop bleeding and it worked.That is a well-known method in reality which controls the nosebleed in no time.


  • Not only taking Laura to surgery took to ages, but Christa who is a resident had to chase up the attending to perform the surgery as Laura’s ovary was getting more and more short of oxygen which was going to result in the organ death. That wouldn’t really happen as the attending doctor would identify the importance and the emergency of the situation instead of being chased by a resident.
  • Blind teenager was treated in the actual dark ER room without any light, although maxillofacial procedures are known to be extremely precise and should be performed somehow in a better lighting.
  • While performing a surgery, right after scrubbing in to fix the ovarian torsion, Dr.Hudson had sterile gloves on, then suddenly he would take his mask of which is highly unrealistic. The whole point of wearing PPE (personal protective equipment such as gloves or masks) is to avoid anything like infection or a contamination which is the last thing you want for a patient who has only one dying ovary.

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