REAL OR NOT — Heartbeat: “The Land of Normal” (1X5)

REAL OR NOT — Heartbeat: “The Land of Normal” (1X5)

The “The Land of Normal” was another episode of Heartbeat which I was highly excited for. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen as the synopsis for the new episode is usually very secretive and not much is being told to the viewer before the show airs. But it didn’t disappoint. As the episode covered some incredibly important things we all appreciate in life such as family. Alex pulled herself together and performed really well, at the end (even with police banging on the door).


  • Alex and Jessie? Millicent and the secretive new artist donating his artwork to the hospital? While the first duo is no big news to us, the second one is slightly disturbing. Millicent seemed like a very reserved boss and kept it all to herself. Well, apparently, all she really needed was a good man (who’s played by Christopher Gorham, which makes me say, can anyone forget Harper’s island!)?

REAL OR NOT RATING: ★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 

REAL: How the real world works:

  1. Doctors being normal humans, having same feelings, etc. Well, Alex was grieving for her sister’s death and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  2. Operating using novelty technology – the hospital itself seems like a very novelty-loving place. However, anything that can improve the procedures is widely accepted as a sign of being open-minded in the medical world. Well done, Alex.
  3. Someone dies at the most unexpected time, to say the least. Well, Alex’s teacher who was quite arrogant decided to die just as they were arguing over the robot and her abilities to control it. While the whole situation seemed a bit weird, it most certainly is likely to be true as you never know what will happen, do you?

FAKE: Cringe worthy scenes that would never happen:

  1. Doctors operating while having personal issues. That would not happen, but it’s not the first time the writers just put Alex in that position.
  2. Doctors operating with police knocking on the door. Well that was a pretty crazy moment, as Alex ruptured the ventricle and how they all suddenly realized that they had to stop shouting at her (if they haven’t before)? Anyway this would not happen as it is disturbing for anyone who is extremely concentrated.
  3. Robots ruled by doctors following around everyone in the hospital. That doesn’t seem realistic, as they would cost loads of money and the real use of them is still unknown, as they seemed super friendly, it looks like the patient could go wrong with befriending one of them and getting too much attention while the others would be left waiting. So, probably not the best option for the hospital.

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