The Red Cross: A Global Humanitarian Organization

The Red Cross: A Global Humanitarian Organization

The Red Cross is one of the most important international humanitarian organizations. It has chapters across the world and has been involved in helping to improve people’s lives for generations. The organization is made up of individual organizations in several different countries, but its beginnings can be traced to a man named Henry Dunant. Red Cross Trivia will show that Dunant was a Swiss businessman that was present at the Battle of Solferino. His experiences there led him and four other men to create the International committee for Relief to the Wounded.

A Red cross quiz will show that their goal was to improve the availability of medical care to those who were hurt on the battlefield. The committee organized an international meeting in 1863 to discuss these goals. Baden, Bavaria, France, the UK, Hanover, Hesse, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Sweden-Norway, and Spain were all represented at that conference.

A Red Cross quiz will show that this work led directly to the creation of the legendary Geneva convention, and the Red Cross. It was in 1876 that the committee became known as the ICRC, and in 1881, Clara Barton would form the American Red Cross. The Geneva convention grew in importance, and more countries became signatory to it. The goal was quickly achieved in having national organizations in most countries that were designed to help ensure that soldiers suffered as little as possible during conflict.

The organization has several different goals which are discussed in Red Cross trivia. They need to make sure the Geneva convention is being followed, and that those hurt in battle are given appropriate medical care. They also help to look for missing people in war, and to look after people within a country that are injured by causes other than war, such as in the case of natural disasters.

The organization itself has gone on to become probably the most recognizable international symbol of humanitarianism. The symbol of the organization is often confused with the national flag of Switzerland. The resemblance is very close. The Swiss flag has a red field with a white cross, while the Red Cross has a white field with a cross of red. The organizations have held other symbols in other parts of the world, such as the Red Crescent which has been used by many Islamic countries.

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