Should I Wear Hospital Scrubs For The Birth Of My Child

Should I Wear Hospital Scrubs For The Birth Of My Child

By Nancy Corrales

Are hospital scrubs necessary during childbirth? Is is not a requirement for the mother’s partner to wear scrubs, unless he/she needs to or wants to. Hospitals don’t have regulations on wearing scrubs during the delivery. The only time scrubs will be required for childbirth, is if the mother is scheduled for a c-section. Keep in mind, scrubs will be required only if mom gets rushed into immediate surgery, or the delivery is held in a hospital theater. Keeping mom and baby safe during childbirth is top priority. Scrubs and a mask will reduce the spread of germs. It’s important to maintain a sterile environment to protect the mother and baby’s undeveloped immune system.

Partner’s Role

The mothers’ partner’s role is essential during birth. It is most important that he/she is clean, not sick or infectious and ready to coach mom through a long delivery. More important than hospital scrubs during a normal delivery, is getting mom through her long labor. Her partner needs to keep in mind he/she is her source of strength and main support. Be alert, attentive and patient with moms’ needs, as it can be a very traumatic experience leading up to the birth. Its best to dress comfortable, well rested and eat a big meal that to be prepared for the long hours by moms side. You will not get many opportunities to step away or have personal time, dedicate your full attention to her.

Most Important

You’ll want to have a camera on hand to capture these special moments, to look back on this cherished memory. However, leave it up to mom to decide how much camera time she wants because it can be distracting for her and won’t let you focus solely on her. You will be the best source of information, to keep family and friends up to date with moms’ status. Its best to create a group chat or assigning one person to pass along information. Remember, mom and baby need your undivided attention, wearing a scrubs will be the last thing on your mind!