Showering & Drinking Water In Your Own Home Transmits Parasites

Showering & Drinking Water In Your Own Home Transmits Parasites

How are parasites transmitted? In a number of ways most people are not aware of. Pets, food, skin contact, airborne and most of all by drinking and showering from an unfiltered water. Parasite eggs are so tiny that they can penetrate the membranes of the skin.

But first, let me share with you some hard facts about parasites. It is so prevalent that North America is not immune to this malady. It can occur to people everywhere whether you come from a developed or developing country.

The World Health Organization has declared that when parasites are transmitted they become one of the six most dangerous diseases that kill humans. It outranks cancer as the top global killer and causes major digestives problems which people suffer today.


In 2003, the Food Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed a report which revealed that 2.5 million cases of food and waterborne parasites (giardia lamblia) and 3 million cases of cryptosporidium parvum in the United States had been documented. The parasites are transmitted through water from the tap. They estimate that fifty million American children are prone to these worm parasites.

How are parasites transmitted into the body, through the food a person eats. Then they inhabit in the intestines of humans because they are the perfect breeding ground. They can also be found in the lungs, brain, liver, blood, joints, muscles, skin and check this out, even the eyes!

A person infected with a parasite will experience the following symptoms: allergies, anemia, bloody stools, diarrhea, fever, cramps, nausea, vomiting and weight loss.

How The Parasites are Transmitted

If you are worried about how parasites are transmitted, you should be more concerned on how to prevent it. A person can easily get infected through their pets. Unhealthy contact with dogs and cats such as kissing, transmit the eggs of parasites into a persons intestine. From there, they will make their way to the brain, liver and other organs of the body. So, be very cautious when you are touching your pets and wash your hands after handling them.

The most common way how parasites are transmitted is through the tap. The most deadly parasite known as cryptosporidium and giardia are passed on through an unfiltered drinking water. They can be found largely in North American cities served by surface water treatment plants. Another parasite known as Schistosomes can be transmitted through the skin with contaminated water.

What Experts have To Say

Experts recommend that all food should be properly washed with safe and clean water. Vegetables grown in farms can be infected with human waste and pass on the eggs of various parasites. Even expensive and world-class restaurants are prone to parasites especially when their employees harbor fecal matter under the nails.

How are parasites transmitted? Now you know the answer. Your next step is to avoid infestation and the only way is to install a good water filtration system in your home. Not just any filter system but one that removes all the toxins and parasites from your water without taking out the good minerals needed by your body. Bottled water is very expensive. Remember, parasites can still be transmitted through the skin. Get a water filtration system for your home today.


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