Travel Nursing Spotlight: Nigeria!

Travel Nursing Spotlight: Nigeria!

By Cindy Lima

Nigeria is one of the many countries in Africa. While there are many countries in Africa, Nigeria has the most population. English is the official language of the country. Nigeria has a beautiful environment. However, the life expectancy and health conditions of its citizens are not that great.

Most of the population in Nigeria are children under the age of 15. The health conditions of the country make it hard for people to live past age 65. The country has a short supply of medical professionals that can guide the population into better health conditions.

The country is in need of volunteers that can help educate and show awareness to the community. Children are the future of the world, especially in Nigeria. Therefore, they are the only ones that can shift the future of the country. Without proper health, those children won’t be able to survive the infectious diseases that affect the country. By nursing in Nigeria, you will be giving children better health standards. The high standards will transform into a healthier community, therefore, making the first step into changing the country.

The life expectancy of the Nigerian population can be increased by fighting the infectious diseases that affect the country. People can easily prevent infectious diseases by providing more awareness and education. Travel Nursing gives the opportunity for nurses to work in a more hands-on environment.

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Why Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing can give you the chance to help others that are in extreme need of medical professionals. As a result, travel nursing gives individuals a rewarding experience that can’t be found in the western states. Nursing abroad can also give you the chance to see diseases that are not common in western countries. The experience of nursing abroad can also open many doors for a nurse’s career back at home.

If you want to know more about how to nurse in Nigeria, visit the PowerPoint above. It is a great opportunity for nurses everywhere to experience what it is like making a difference in a child’s life.