Uniform Scrubs: The Best Hospital Uniforms For Summer Comfort

Uniform Scrubs: The Best Hospital Uniforms For Summer Comfort

By Cindy Lima

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing during the summer months. Meteorologists predict that temperatures will surpass the 3 digit numbers this summer. However. it can be tricky beating the heat while working in the Medical field. You don’t have many options on what to wear except for uniform scrubs. In order to not overheat focusing on the colors of uniform scrubs is the best way possible to keep cool.

The Worst Colors

The worst colors to wear during the summer are dark colors. Dark colors absorb more heat from the sun and are found to bounce back less UV light. The usual myth that the only color you should not wear during the summer is black is not fully truthful. Yes black is the worst color to wear during the summer but other dark colors as well. According to Skincancer.org,“Darker colors tend to absorb more UV than lighter colors, including whites and pastels, but bright colors such as red can also substantially absorb UV rays.” Wearing bright red uniform scrubs can absorb as much heat as wearing black.

The Best Scrubs

The best uniform scrubs to wear during that summer heat are the ones that are light colored. Light color clothes are found to retain less heat from the sun. Light color clothes actually bounce back more UV light than dark ones. According to oureverydaylife.com, the Mayo Clinic reported “A 2011 Mayo Clinic report regarding heat stroke states with no uncertainty that wearing light-colored clothing is key to regulating body temperature during the summer months when sun exposure is at its highest. Whereas dark-colored clothing absorbs heat from the sun, light-colored clothing reflects the sun’s heat away from the body to help it stay cooler.”

When choosing what uniform scrubs to buy and wear during the summer, choose light color ones that won’t retain that much heat especially if you will be working outdoors or have a long commute to work. By making the right choices in your wardrobe you can save yourself from a heat stroke.