Uniform Scrubs: What Should I Wear Under My Scrubs

Uniform Scrubs: What Should I Wear Under My Scrubs

By Cindy Lima

You probably never thought about what you should wear underneath uniform scrubs, not until you get your first pair at least. Even after some attempts you might still don’t know what to wear under them. Keep in mind that your image will make patients decide if you are competent enough to care for them.

The color of your uniform scrubs is a big factor on what you should wear underneath. If you are wearing white scrubs, the clothes underneath have to be white or a light color. For example, you don’t want to be wearing hot pink underwear that will clearly be visible under white scrubs. That will make you look unprofessional. If you are a woman consider a color that won’t make your bra pop out from your scrubs. The whale tail is a nightmare for women. A whale tail is when a woman bends down and you can see her thong. Avoid the whale tail by not wearing scrubs below the waist!

What to wear under scrub pants you may ask? Depending on how free you want to feel, pants underneath uniform scrubs are not that necessary. Think about how much you will be running around at your work. That will make you sweat, soon enough you will want more breathable attire. However, colder months require more clothing underneath. Thermal pants under scrubs are a good idea if you live somewhere that snows.

Maybe you will want to layer up also by wearing a shirt under your scrubs. Pick a shirt that is of similar color as your uniform scrubs. A simple T-shirt should do the job. Do not let the shirt be seen. Your scrubs are always supposed to cover all your other garments.

Look at the guidelines of your workplace before deciding what to wear under your uniform scrubs. Always remember to follow the dress policy of the hospital or clinic that you are working for.