What are the most comfortable scrubs that I can buy?

What are the most comfortable scrubs that I can buy?

By Josephine Reid

Comfort, functionality and appeal embody a Dress A Med scrubs set. Our uniform scrubs have the level of comfort that allow you to sleep in them, hence the saying, “so comfortable, you can sleep in 'em!” There is not only room for all of one's belongings, allowing functionality, but there is also a great level of comfort-focus when it comes to Dress A Med's fabric content and durability that allows long lasting softness.

Due to Dress A Med's high end 550 yarn count fabric, our medical uniforms are always soft to touch. Skin abrasion and irritation can occur with fabrics that are not made for the intended heavy use that uniform scrubs should be made for. Even though comfort is at the forefront, professionalism is given the most importance, plus an extensive eye on design and functionality. This makes the perfect formula for the undeniably most comfortable scrub that doesn't under perform in other important areas.

In addition to Dress A Med's super comfortable uniform scrubs, there is a specific use of milled fabric with combed cotton, allowing no fuzz balls when washed and no ironing required. The re-enforced and finest detailed stitching throughout is a great design quality. The fabric is either yarn-dyed or reactive dyed. Our use of reactive dye to eliminate bleeding or fading just makes a great scrubs set overall.

The great fit also adds to the high level of comfort. The intricate design of all uniform scrubs set leaves room for a contoured fit for everybody type. Better fit leads to better comfort.

Dress A Med thinks of every facet of being a medical professional when designing; from a busy home life morning routine, to the hectic travel to work, and the endless tasks and unexpected tribulations that require an active, moving person - that should have active scrubs to match. Dress A Med's scrubs move with you! This is an important factor in a truly 'comfortable' uniform scrubs set.

I'm Josephine Reid and I work at Dressamed.com headquarters in Los Angeles. I have a B.S. in Retail Merchandising and Business from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I like to keep a beautiful balance of a creativity and business mindset.