By Josephine Reid

There are a variety of scholarships available for nursing school hopefuls.


The aim of this scholarship is to provide those members of the Emergency Nursing Association (ENA) who are from California financial aid for completing their studies. This annual scholarship will comprise either one $1,000 grant given to one student or two $500 grants given to two students and applications have to be filed by April of each academic year.

In order to be eligible to apply for this scholarship, a student has to: be a member of the ENA and has to hold a current Californian RN license, want to register for a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification and must either already be enrolled or accepted into the program, and submit a copy of their CV, a letter detailing how the emergency nursing profession will benefit from their obtaining further qualification and practicing in the field and documentary proof of ENA membership, RN licensing and course enrollment or acceptance.


This scholarship consists of one amount of $2,000 that is awarded to one successful candidate and its purpose is to provide educational funding to residents of California who are also sons or daughters of veterans. Like the others, this scholarship also has several eligibility requirements, which include students that are California residents; who is the son or the daughter of a veteran of either World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada/Lebanon, Panama or Desert Shield/Desert Storm; and has to be either starting or continuing a study program at an accredited Californian educational institution.

A student will also be assessed on factors like financial need, leadership, Americanism, character and scholastic merit to determine eligibility.


Ten of these $500 scholarships are awarded every year specifically to school nurses in order to assist them with continuing education.  The deadline for the submission of applications for this scholarship is November of any given academic year and eligibility the requirements include: the applicant is a licensed RN who must have been employed by a Californian public school for the last academic year - the applicant must have at least one year’s experience in nursing at a Californian public school and must also be contracted to continue to practice as a school nurse in a public school in California for the next year, applicants must also plan to continue practicing as a public school nurse and must wish to continue with her studies at an accredited educational university or college in the State of California.

Air Force + The Navy

Both Air Force and Navy ROTC programs offer potential scholarship assistance to women who will pursue the field of nursing. Qualifications must be met, and awards can be quite ample, with initial grants plus monthly stipends allowing for the student to be able to afford her nursing studies. The awards are generally accompanied by a required time of active duty following graduation.


Capture the Dream funds two different scholarships each year. One is The Single Parent Scholarship. This is a $1,000 scholarship available to single parents who are California residents and either graduating seniors in high school or full-time undergraduate students enrolled at a two or four-year California college. The other scholarship is The George Geng On Lee Minorities in Leadership Scholarship, which is another $1,000 scholarship. This opportunity is available to minority students who are residents of California–either graduating seniors in high school or full-time undergraduate students enrolled at a two or four-year California college.

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