Is there a specific reason why medical scrubs are v-necked?

Is there a specific reason why medical scrubs are v-necked?

By Josephine Reid

Besides the functionality of a v-neck medical scrubs top, this neckline style elongates the look of the neck and short necks look longer and more proportionate. V-necklines tend to look good on almost every body type and size. V-necks are also easier to put on and take off without irritating the skin. This neckline slips on and off the head easier than a crewneck or high neckline.

The task of getting in and out of scrubs quickly and easily may present itself throughout the day depending on the type of medical profession. A medical scrubs top that is difficult to get on and off is not ideal for the workplace. A v-neck can also benefit man or woman with larger hair volume.

In terms of fashion, the popularity behind the heavy use of the v-neck line for medical scrubs also has to do with the diagonal lines being slimming. Diagonal lines make the eyes follow them wherever they go. They draw the eyes up toward the face, which is important for trendier cut medical scrubs often seen today. They bring attention to the face and elongate the upper body, especially if for the petite or have a shorter neck.

V-necks have a more contemporary approach in their style; they read hipper and edgier as a shirt. The perfect V hits right at the center of the chest. Dress A Med offers great v-neck choices with their trendy but classic medical scrubs sets like their contrast stitched patch pocket scrubs and men's classic scrubs set. Dress A Med's v-neck line has no competition with it having the most flattering medical scrubs v-necks on the market. 

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