Can non-doctors wear scrubs to work? Is it inappropriate?

Can non-doctors wear scrubs to work? Is it inappropriate?

By Josephine Reid

There are many other positions that require the wearing of uniform scrubs where it's considered perfectly appropriate and the norm. Some of these professions include dental assistants, message and physical therapists, pharmacy technicians, holistic health practitioners, assisted living practitioners and nutritionists. See below for a brief overview of these professions and more!

Dental assistants which perform a number of activities, including taking dental X-rays, assisting the dentist during treatment, inquiring about the patient’s medical history, helping to comfort patients during procedures, providing patients with care instructions, and tasks that involve bodily fluids such as blood.

Pharmacy technicians are often seen in medical scrubs. Primarily, pharmacy techs assist with supplying, filling and formulating medications for patients.

Uniform scrubs sported by message therapists and physical therapists, more than likely for the functionality that uniform scrubs provide, including comfort, storage and beyond. Of course, uniform scrubs are not only limited to caring for people. Those working with sick animals need a consistent and professional work uniform as well, and scrubs appropriately fit the bill.

Holistic health practitioners are also in the medical scrubs club, this profession focuses on the idea that you cannot treat a patient’s physical health without treating the person as a whole, meaning their mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. Holistic nurses utilize alternative medicine.

Assisted living / long term care nurse practitioners, when dealing with assisted living patients hands-on, most long-term care residences usually require their staff to wear scrubs.

Another career field that many may not realize wear medical scrubs include Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists. Not all nutritionists and dietitians wear scrubs as many have the option to wear what they want to work. However, many do choose to wear scrubs as their uniform for several reasons. For one, not only do they look professional, but they are extremely comfortable. Two, when it comes to some of the dirtier tasks that come with the job, it is easier to do in the comfort of scrubs and without the worry of staining or altering your nicer clothes. Lastly, hospitals and clinics may require you to wear scrubs because it looks more uniformed and helps patients identify them easier.

Other surprising professions where it's perfectly normal to see medical scrub wearers include forensic nursing, healthcare environmental services, dermatologists and speech-language pathologists!

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