What are some things I should know before majoring in nursing?

What are some things I should know before majoring in nursing?

By Josephine Reid

Nursing is a time-honored profession of great historical significance, is respected by other professions and can be the springboard to other aspirations. It provides financial stability and job security. This financial stability and security is one of the highlights of choosing to follow the path of a nursing career.


For example, an anesthetist job can be well worth it, as anesthetist jobs are the highest paying nursing jobs. They earn an annual salary of about $135,000 according to Monster.


Other careers among the list among the highest paying jobs include psychiatric nurse practitioners which provide mental health services to patients, diagnose issues, conduct therapy and prescribe medication. In many states, these nurses can own his or her own practice. Psychiatric nurse practitioner is the third highest paying nursing jobs, earning an average annual salary of about $95,000.


Nurse midwives provide healthcare for childbearing women before, during and after the birthing process. They can work in hospitals and clinics, but may also deliver children at birthing centers or at the homes of pregnant women. Midwives earn $84,000 per year on average.


Pediatric endocrinology nurses help treat children with endocrine problems, which are issues with the system of glands that secrete and regulate hormones in the body. These nurses make an average annual income of $81,000 for their specialty.

In addition to these high paying benefits, it is also important to know that you will have the opportunity to give back; for example working on a medical missions team.

Other 'perks' include interacting with interesting people in other healthcare professions, the fact that healthcare is constantly changing, nurses are always learning something new and that many nurses are poised to retire; new nurses will have great job opportunities now and in the future.

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