Can nurses wear makeup during work?

Can nurses wear makeup during work?

By Josephine Reid

Instead of harboring on the question of to apply or not to apply when it comes to makeup, it's much better to use the rule of thumb that make-up should be applied in moderation. It's best not to give off a night time look in a professional setting. Here are some practical tips that can help nurses in any setting with the challenge of balancing makeup application and professionalism!

Cosmetic brands that can give you an appropriately natural looks include Bare Minerals and Afterglow Cosmetics. Eye shadow should be barely noticeable and light. Earth tone or neutral tone palettes are the best choice. Leave it to the uniform scrubs for pops of color instead of colorful makeup. Applying vanilla, nude or pale beige colors are great for darker lids. On the other side of the skin tone spectrum, for fair or light eye lids, use deep beige or pale brown hues. Some nurses opt out of applying their blush-on as it tends to fade easily. However, a blush-on is an essential make-up trick to keep looking glowing and alert.

With the busy and sleep deprived lifestyle of a nurse, it is definitely common for nurses to have eye bags and dark circles around the eye area. To conceal eye bags, it's simple to just swipe a stick of concealer underneath the eye. There is another trick that can make eye bags less noticeable – just highlight the crease and apply a darker shade of foundation over the puffy area of the dreaded eye bags. It is a more effective way of disguising your eye bags rather that covering them up thickly with a concealer.

Many nurses simply use tinted lip balm for work or a matte lipstick that often times lasts longer for those long lasting shifts.
Makeup when done in a natural effortless manner can be an enhancement. provides a great enlightenment for nurse appropriate makeup:

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