How can you avoid period stains while wearing white uniform scrubs?

How can you avoid period stains while wearing white uniform scrubs?

By Josephine Reid

Wearing white uniform scrubs or a white nurse dress during menstruation doesn't have to be a burden! Here are some practical tips from nurses worldwide that don't let that time of the month slow them down.

Planning ahead is a great tool for avoiding any mishaps. Avoid letting your period sneak up on you by keeping track on a calendar or even take advantage of mobile apps out there that alert you when it's time. You do not want to be caught off guard while wearing white!

Avoiding pads is also a great idea while sporting white uniform scrubs. Pads can leak. Plus, they look bulky depending on what you’re wearing. Wear a tampon, and if you’re really worried, wear a pantyliner for added protection. If you must wear a pad, wear one with wings. There is also new protection technology with the 'Diva' or 'Intimina' cup.

There's also the option of wearing spandex over panties. Many martial artists and nurses use this trick. Wearing a pair of spandex shorts over your panties is another great nurse hack, especially if you prefer wearing a pad instead of a tampon. The spandex will keep the pad in place and help prevent leaks.

Bringing extra tampons and pads along is always a must. Storing extra protection at all times in your place of work, bags, and or car is a must when it comes to nurse hacks 101. Tuck one or two extra in your purse or pocket for that “just in case” moment that always seems to be the case.

Changing often is also a must. If you’re prone to heavy periods, especially during the first few days, changing pads or tampons more often is more than necessary to help protect your uniform scrubs. Changing more frequently will help reduce the chances of leakage.

Following this line of advice will greatly reduce any of your worries when it comes to wearing white during your cycle.
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