By Elizabeth Ortiz

YOU ARE KNOWN TO BE: Funny and positive. You know how to have a good time whilst still accomplishing your goals. You have a clear map of where you are going and you know what you need to do to get there. Many look up to you because they value your opinion. You think realistically and logically, which are valuable qualities to have in your life.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT WORK: You are able to balance work and play, which lets you enjoy your work but also get things done at the same time. You get along with everyone. You stay away from drama and gossip. You know your place and your abilities, but you are humble. People value your opinion in a decision because they admire your level-headed and reasonable personality. You are a perfectionist and are great at making lists and plans. Although you have a superior mind, you are still good with people. You easily cheer people up and make everyone feel included.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT HOME: You are often the one that takes care of things. You always know what to do when there’s an issue. You like for your home to be a place of peace and calmness, because it’s the one place to get away from the rest of the world. Your home is where you can relax. Organization is your middle name and you enjoy making sure everything is in order around the house

YOUR PERFECT NIGHT OUT: would be going to dinner at your favorite hole in the wall restaurant with your closest friends. Being able to catch up and laugh after a long work week is ideal. After your dinner, you are able to go home and rest, leaving you both cheery and satisfied with your night.

YOUR DREAM VACATION: would be taking a road trip to Lake Tahoe. You love small town getaways and being able to be close to nature. You and your closest friends would go on boat rides or go hiking. You would explore different nearby towns and have a calm, yet fulfilled, vacation.