Dress A Med Joins The Fight Against Gender Wage Inequality

Dress A Med Joins The Fight Against Gender Wage Inequality

By Jamila Thompson

In America, women are paid 20% less than men, but did you also know…

  • Black women make 37% less than their male counterparts, while Hispanic women make 46% less than men!
  • If we closed the gender gap today, a Hispanic woman could earn $1 million more over the course of her career. Meanwhile, a black woman would be able to afford an additional 14 months of mortgage payments.

Partnership with LeanIn.org

Dress A Med, a privately held company with a female-majority board and workforce, understands the impact wage inequality has on individuals and families across the globe. We are committed to the empowerment and economic advancement of women. We are proud to announce our recent partnership with LeanIn.org. LeanIn.org is an organization dedicated to promoting female leadership and fostering diversity in the workplace.

$20, not 20%, Gift Cards

In celebration of our first year partnered with LeanIn.org, we’ve launched a nationwide outreach campaign for aimed particularly at nursing students. Dress A Med is giving $20 gift cards to students! LA residents are also eligible for 2-hour delivery on all scrubs. We recognize and thank you for your hard work!

To pick up your gift card, visit our Instagram account: 20gap.

Dress A med’s ‘Worth It Sorority’

An amazing part of this partnership includes the creation of our own chapter, Worth It Sorority. Any female staff member who has worked with Dress A Med in any capacity (i.e. writers, production, make up artist, etc.) is welcome to join. In the future, we will be hosting Career Lunches offering an atmosphere for networking, opportunity for business collaborations and support for women.

Dress A Med past and present female interns will also have the opportunity to attend these lunches. To learn more about Dress A Med’s internship program, click here. Internship Applications are due May 30th.