By Cindy Lima

travel nursing quiz

Illustrations by Lucy Aaron 


Deciding where to volunteer abroad can be a difficult decision. Exploring a new country and its culture is an exciting journey and possibly life changing for your future. There are many countries that are in need of medical help. To make things easier we will be taking a closer look at three countries and what they have to offer.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a beautiful scenery that is home to the Scarlet Macaw. The Scarlet Macaw is a colorful parrot that at some point was in danger of extinction. The culture of Costa Rica revolves around their Eco system. Did you know that the country has no army? Instead the country saves money and uses it to preserve their ecological system. Costa Rica has the secret to living longer. The oldest people in the world live in Costa Rica which are over the age of 90.


Buddhism is practiced by 90% of the population in Thailand. The culture in Thailand is more on the conservative side. Most Thai food is spicy and the more common dishes include ginger. Thailand’s government is run by the monarchy and its king. Interestingly enough, The Lopburi province holds the annual monkey banquet which serves a buffet of fruits to over 2000 monkeys. The buffet is a thank you for all the hard work monkeys do in picking out coconuts throughout the year.


India has one of the oldest cultures in the world. The birth of yoga and chess took place in India. The country is home to the Taj Mahal which is one of the world’s wonders. The culture of India is centered around their main religion which is Hinduism. India’s film industry, more commonly known as Bollywood, is the largest market by number of admissions.

Can’t still make up your mind? With all the exciting options available, take our quiz above to help you decide which country best fits your personality.

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