Undertaking Free CNA Training With The American Red Cross

Undertaking Free CNA Training With The American Red Cross

Many people who choose CNA training as an option choose it because they genuinely want their main career to be a CNA, however there are also a handful of people who use the profession of CNA to move into other areas of the healthcare profession.

However, one of the main problems with using CNA training as a stepping stone is that it doesn’t come cheap. Training to become a fully certified nursing assistant can cost several thousand dollars, even though the overall course is relatively short in comparison to most others. That’s where organisations like the Red Cross come into their own.

The Red Cross are a worldwide organisation based in various countries around the world, they offer a base for people to undertake training and first aid classes for no cost. In America, they also offer FREE CNA training to qualifying individuals through practical and theoretical based training, allowing you to gain the skills required to become a fully certified nursing assistant. The main skills taught by the American Red Cross include taking basic patient observations, undertaking basic first aid, communication skills, problem solving skills and other such techniques which you’re likely to require when working as a CNA.

The health, professional and personal requirements needed to train as a CNA will vary depending on the state that you’re living within, the local chapter for your state will have information for each individual state requirements.

Once you have undertaken and successfully completed the Red Cross CNA training program then you will need to register for and successfully pass the CNA exam, otherwise you won’t be able to work and be recognised as a CNA in your state. The CNA exam can be taken at various testing centres local to you, you can ask your local Red Cross which one is your local testing centre. It takes around 6-12 weeks to be ready to undertake the CNA exam, once you’ve completed your training then you’ll be able to get registered to take the exam. Once you’ve completed and passed the CNA exam, then and only then will you be able to get a job as a fully certified nursing assistant.

If you like the sound of completing your CNA training for free and with a worldwide recognised organisation then the Red Cross CNA training maybe just the thing you’ve been looking for. You can search your own local Red Cross chapter and give them a call to find out the next steps. 


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James Preston is a fully qualified CNA and works in the healthcare industry, he is also an ex-trainer and an expert in CNA training and CNA certification. If you’re looking for information on CNA training then be sure to visit CNA Training Helper today.
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