REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Uncharted Territory” (2×9)

REAL OR NOT — CHICAGO MED: “Uncharted Territory” (2×9)

The long wait is over for Chicago Med is back from winter break. Did you miss it? Well, a new episode entitled, “Uncharted Territory” is here to welcome us with its intensity!

It starts off with Nurse April and Tate talking about their home and their baby’s first ultrasound. Meanwhile, Dr. Manning and Jeff Clarke talk outside the hospital, reminiscing about old times. Watch out for some revelations about their relationship.

The episode featured two MMA fighters named Ricky and Cyrus. They are rushed to ED due to injuries sustained from the fight and Dr. Choi attends to these patients. Their trainers arrive and begin to argue, which causes a lot of tension in the ED. Will they resolve the case peacefully or tragically?

Meanwhile, Dr. Rhobyn Charles and Dr. Connor Rhodes appear to be in good terms, which was fun to watch. Dr. Manning, on the other hand, is treating a 21-year old patient named Ted Baylor, who is found unconscious and with elevated blood glucose level. You’ll see how he manages to have a positive outlook despite his ailments.

Characters To Watch For:

  • Dr. Stohl, the Chief of Emergency Medicine, who returns to hospital from his sabbatical leave.

Real Or Not Rating: ★★★★  (1 Being the Worst, 5 Being the Best.) 

REAL– How the real world works:

  1. Bleeding in the brain can cause coma and brain death. When an MMA fighter named Cyrus was rushed to the ED, he sustained injuries that had a great impact on his brain. The CT scan revealed hemorrhage, therefore, he’s now in a coma. It’s true that head injuries can cause the brain to swell and/or bleed. When brain swells, the fluid pushes up against the skull leading to damage or compression of parts of the brain resulting in a coma.

  2. Tumor lysis syndrome is a fatal. Ted, a patient with diabetes, gallstone pancreatitis, and lung cancer was rushed to the hospital. Dr. Manning suggested an emergency radiation for him but in an attempt to stabilize the mass in his lung, the radiation caused it to burst that lead to his death. In reality, any type of treatment for tumors can cause tumor lysis syndrome (TLS). TLS is a complication during treatment of cancer where a lot of tumor cells are killed off at the same time, releasing their contents into the bloodstreams causing damage to organs like kidneys and heart.

  3. TB meds are harmful to the pregnancy. When Nurse April had her first ultrasound for her baby, the doctor found out that the baby’s measurement was low, suspecting anencephaly, a neural tube defect that can cause the brain to develop abnormally and TB meds could be the reason for this. In real life, it’s true that treating tuberculosis in pregnant women is delicate because TB meds are harmful to developing fetus (e.g. birth defects).

  4. Lifestyle modification is helpful to prevent diseases. Dr. Manning is right when she says that lifestyle changes can manage diseases like diabetes, obesity, and gallstones because poor lifestyle (e.g eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol etc.) can lead to these illnesses.  Exercise and diet modification are helpful ways to prevent these.

FAKE– Cringe worthy scenes that would never happen:

  1. Nothing’s wrong with “Uncharted Territory”.

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