Hospital Scrubs: Fit Is The Most Important Feature

Hospital Scrubs: Fit Is The Most Important Feature

By Nancy Corrales

Men’s hospital scrubs are essential for looking the part at work and being presentable to those around you. Yes scrubs can be boring to wear; fortunately you have options! There are different features to choose from, depending on personal style and preference. New advances have introduced new and more comfortable features for men’s scrubs.

Performance scrubs feature a casual and athletic inspired design. In fact, this style hospital scrub is the most popular at the moment. Some top qualities in a performance scrub is the lightweight materials and versatility of the uniform. You are able to work out in this type of scrub, giving you ability to fit in a quick cardio session during a long shift. A multi pocket scrub is also a newer trend in hospital scrubs. Working in this style scrub is so functional, it will make your long hours productive! Having access to multiple pockets gives you immediate access to your most important tools – in a moment of crisis, it can make a huge difference.

The blue classic scrub is a must-have in your wardrobe. This simple design has long been the hospital scrub staple – it’s casual, comfortable and the standard original design.

You’ll want a sophisticated scrub for those important days when you’ll need to look your very best. This type of scrub is created with distinguished fabrics, has a great fit and its crisp design will set you apart. A utility scrub is multi-functional with tons of pockets, high quality fabrics and double stitching. This style scrub is most important for powering through a long work day, because you’ll always need a go to reliable hospital scrub!