Hospital Scrubs: What Makes A Good Pair of Scrubs?

Hospital Scrubs: What Makes A Good Pair of Scrubs?

By Cindy Lima

There are so many kinds of hospital scrubs in the store that the amount of choices can be overwhelming. You might be surprised to find out that the answer is in yourself. Choosing a good pair of scrubs depends on your unique style and what you feel most comfortable in. Here are 5 tips on what makes a good pair of hospital scrubs.

Here are 5 tips on what makes a good pair of hospital scrubs:

Quality vs. Price
The main thing that you should look for in hospital scrubs is the quality. Quality usually comes with a price tag but at the same time you have to consider how many times you will use those hospital scrubs. If you are going to use those hospital scrubs for many years investing in a good pair now can save you a few bucks later on. Looking professional and on time for work means that you can’t be dealing with stitching or buttons coming out when you are on your way to work.

White vs. Colored

When choosing a color for your hospital scrubs think about what do you want something that is easy or hard to maintain? White is the typical color for someone in the medical field. However, white is hard to maintain because it can look dirty easily. Hospital sometimes have policies to what color of hospital scrub each employee needs to wear. If your hospital is lenient with this rule choose the color the best suits you.

Fit vs. Loose

Before you buy hospital scrubs try them on because you don’t want to be uncomfortable during those long shifts. Choosing between fit and loose depends on your body type and preferences. Males need scrubs that are not too wide or too fit as it will get in the way of their professionalism and efficiency. Females usually don’t know what scrubs best fits them until they try them on. Choosing the right fit of hospital scrubs can be the difference between an unprofessional look or an embarrassing accident.

Plain vs Prints

A plain or a printed hospital scrub depends on the rules of the hospital you work for. A plain scrub can make you look more professional but if you work in a children’s hospital a printed hospital scrub is a better fit. If you do decide that wearing a print best suits you consider not to mix prints as this will make you stand out not in a good way.

Multi-Pockets or Basic Pockets

The medical field can have you running around all day. Sometimes you might need a pen or somewhere to carry your cell phone. Chest pockets or patch pockets can give you more room for storage. Think about how much you will need to carry during your workday in order to choose the right set of hospital scrubs.

The right pair of hospital scrubs is necessary in order to be more effective in the workplace. Choosing the right pair can help you save time and money.