Do You Love To Wear Purple Scrubs?

Do You Love To Wear Purple Scrubs?

By Jenny Teng

YOU ARE KNOWN TO BE: You’re compassionate and humble. Nobody can ever say anything bad about you because there is no negativity that comes out of you. You tend to worry too much sometimes but that’s because you’re so passionate and emotional about all aspects of life. You allow people to open up to you but you don’t open up to others as easily. You have an artistic side that is very unique and eccentric and creates color in your life.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT WORK: You are observant and detail oriented. You follow instructions accordingly and your boss can always count on you to do things right. You are very serious about your work and you stress yourself out at times, but you do take a moment to relax here and there. You always have the best ideas and your co workers know they can count on you when they need to.

WHAT YOU’RE LIKE AT HOME: Home is your alone time. It’s the place where you can be whoever you want and not have to worry about others. You often find yourself doodling and getting crafty because your artistic side shines when you’re in your own home. You get everything done around the house but home is not all about work for you.

YOUR PERFECT NIGHT OUT: A perfect night out is a night in for you. You enjoy having a girls night at home. Invite your best girlfriends over and have everyone make a dish and feast. Enjoy a glass of wine. Then make some popcorn and bring out the ice cream and watch your favorite movies all cuddled up with each other. For you, the perfect night out just means being with your favorite people and having deep talks and enjoying each other’s company.

YOUR DREAM VACATION: A weekend camping trip in your favorite mountains to be able to enjoy nature and get away from it all for a few days. You are a spiritual person and a deep thinker, so being one with nature for a couple days will de-stress you and give you time to relax.