Seeking A Career In Rehabilitation Nursing?

Seeking A Career In Rehabilitation Nursing?

In the medical profession field, apart from being doctors, rehabilitation nursing is also a rewarding career. Nurses’ main goal is to help patients recuperate and deal with extensive injuries or medical issues. Most of the patients have just convalesced from intensive care and need specialized care and undivided attention that only rehabilitation nurses can provide at long term comprehensive treatment facilities.

A broad range of medical services can be provided by rehabilitation nurses to their patients. Patients who have met with accidents, work related accidents, drug or alcohol abuse or even strokes can require the aid of a rehabilitation nurse. In general, they wish to help their patients begin the long process towards a hoped for full recovery. Nurses also try to help patients develop life skills that will aid them in their healing process. Work for such rehabilitation nurses can be found at rehabilitation centers, drug and alcohol recovery facilities, mental hospitals, senior citizen facilities, or even private homes.



The first thing that a rehabilitation nurse tries to do is to help stabilize the patient in the new facility. Establishing a sense of stability in the new environment will help to ensure that further complications develop. For many patients with long term illnesses, mobility is a problem that they face. This results in bed sores or respiratory problems due to having to stay in the same position the whole day long. Rehabilitation nurses would tend to these patients and ensure that such basic issues are avoided, by shifting the patients around to other comfortable positions.

Another goal of the rehabilitation nursing staff would be to help the patient develop the positive mindset to cope with their current medical condition. There is a close working relationship with doctors, psychologist and other staff in order to draft out plans that can help the patient cope with their medical condition.

Rehabilitation nurses also have to consider education under their job purview. There is a need to educate the patient and their family members on taking care of the patient. This is important as the nurses have to try to change the mindsets of some of the more stubborn patients while exerting a positive influence.

Daily care and health maintenance is an important aspect that cannot be neglected as it would affect the patient’s overall well being and chances of recovery. Some of the areas nurses need to educate family members and patients on are: dosage and administration of the medication, wound care, proper nutrition and prevention of bed sores. More technical aspects would also include the maintenance of the tracheal tube, bladder and bowel movements for those with kidney complications.

All rehabilitation nursing staff are registered and licensed before they can be allowed to practice in the state legally. A positive mindset is an important thing to have when tackling with the more challenging patients or when faced with patients with long term medical problems. The vocation has its rewarding moments as one cannot quantify the gratitude that patients sometimes shower their rehabilitation nurses with.

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